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Renaissance is transforming regional museums, developing world class, sustainable services for all.

This is an exciting time for the North West Hub museums and galleries. They represent a wealth of outstanding collections of fine art, industrial history, natural history, palaeontology, Egyptology, fashion and textiles. Together we are working to improve what we do for visitors, for school children and for people who wouldn’t usually visit museums and galleries. One year on, there are big projects underway in all venues, increasing access to collections and making connections with hard to reach groups; and more people, more children and more teachers are getting involved in what we do. A lot of quality essays were produced and published at our site, vast majority of them already fully proofread.

The idea of museum Hubs across the nine regions of England was developed a few years ago as part of a programme called Renaissance in the Regions. It has attracted substantial government money and there is even more to come. The investment has paid off: all across the country Renaissance is changing the way museums work, putting the visitor at the centre of everything we do.

We have been working very closely with MLA North West and together we are delivering the Renaissance programme for the region. We started this by producing Celebrating Our Cultural Heritage - a five-year strategy for museums and galleries in the North West. We are now collaborating to plan for the next two years. We feel it is important to communicate a single vision for Renaissance in the Regions. Therefore, we will be developing this NW Hub section on the MLA North West website and providing regular Hub updates in In Focus magazine.

Emma Anderson

Stockton Heath Library Stockton Heath Library
St George's Hall, Liverpool

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