A Blueprint for Excellence - Public Libraries 2008-2011

24 April 2007

A Blueprint for Excellence - Public Libraries 2008-2011 (PDF 62KB)

To respond to A Blueprint for Excellence, please visit http://mla.wufoo.com/forms/blueprint/ and complete our online questionnaire by Thursday 31 May 2007.

You can use a shorter version of the questionnaire if you wish.

Visit http://mla.wufoo.com/forms/blueprintshortversion/
This is also helpful for group discussions as it helps you summarise the conclusions of the discussion on the main points of Blueprint for Excellence.

You can use the following slides for presentations and group discussions. They sum up the main issues in Blueprint for Excellence. They conclude with the issues for discussion. These include the same questions as in the shorter version of the questionnaire.

Blueprint for Excellence slide presentation (332KB)

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