Statutory Guidance on Section 6 Education & Inspections Act 2006 (Positive Activities for Young People)

19 June 2007

Section 6 of the Act is to commence from January 2007 and places a duty on unitary and county authorities, with primary responsibility for fulfilling the legislation falling within the remit of the Director of Children’s Services and the Lead Member for Children’s Services.

This directly links to activities delivered as part of extended services in and around schools, Respect agenda, Neighbourhood renewal, Youth Justice Plans and the wider youth offer including Information, Advice and Guidance. The guidance sets out this approach and covers areas such as national standards, partnerships, commissioning, contestability, identifying needs and addressing barriers, improved coordination, funding (including charging) and measuring impact.

Cultural services in local authorities have a major strategic role to play in improving access to activities for young people, through knowledge and expertise, brokering relationships, providing access to information and networks of organisations and individuals, direct delivery and supporting the local cultural sector to respond to this agenda through a coordinated and quality-driven approach.

We suggest that cultural services:

  • Click on the following link to view the documents and participate in the consultation:
  • Discuss with your Head of Youth Service or Children’s Trust to secure your involvement in the planning, development and commissioning of services
  • Take a coordinated approach across the various areas of cultural services
  • Contact Peter Garden on the details below should you have any questions or would like to discuss this further

For further information please contact Peter Garden, Regional Adviser: Culture, Children & Young People

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