Research and data collection

Research and data collection is a priority area for MLA North West. We are committed to building evidence about the impact that museums, libraries and archives have in the North West and ensuring that strategic planning is influenced by informed research.

MLA North West is working with our partners in Culture Northwest to develop a regional cultural observatory, which would enable an integrated approach to data collation and intelligence provision in the North West.

We are currently working on a regional data position statement which will identify and evaluate existing quantitative and qualitative data relating to museums, libraries and archives in the North West.

For information on our projects and initiatives related to research and data collection, please see the links below:

Regional data position statement
To enable MLA North West to provide strategic leadership, advocacy and support for the region, a complete and reliable range of information and data needs to be gathered to demonstrate the sector’s strengths and successes and identify gaps in provision and areas where improvements need to be made.
Community profiling
In May 2002 Regeneris were commissioned to undertake a community profiling exercise which would help MLA North West to work more strategically and to help museums, libraries and archives in the North West identify the needs of their local communities.
Bolton Museums, Libraries and Archives - An Ecconomic Valuation
A flagship study untertaken by MLA North West and Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council.
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